Terms and conditions

By placing order thru paddlesportpassion.com You confirm, that You have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions. You also confirm, that it is Your responsibility to investigate terms and conditions of company delivering Your order. Delivering company is the one that sends You invoice on Your order.
paddlesportpassion.com is not selling anything, all orders placed thru system are forwarded to local partner, that can supply You best way. Depending on products, area etc. that local partner can be Your nearest expertise retailer but can also be some another dealer in Your country or even some other country around.
Invoices will come in currency of country that invoicing company is located. Prices shown online are in Euros and indicating 24% VAT level. Depending on VAT level and currency final price shown in invoice can vary slightly. 
Products delivered to Norway by seller outside of Norway, will be invoiced VAT 0% prices and buyer is obligated to pay Norway VAT and possible duty to freight forwarder or their partner handling those.  Final price all-in will be very close to what shown online here. 
All orders placed thru paddlesportpassion.com are so called custom orders. That means, that these products are specially ordered and some times even specially made for that customer, who knows that product and sizing 100% and have tried it out before purchase. Flawless products have no free returns. In case You wanna return flawless product, You must negotiate with seller and be prepared to pay reasonable compensation on returned custom order products based on laws and regulations of selling company’s country, and be obligated to pay all transport costs both ways. Please notify that real transport costs can be much higher than ones You have paid originally, as those might have been compensated by seller or/and combined with other shipments. In case of return You will be obligated to pay all real transport costs both ways. Please only order products that You absolutely 100% know are right for You and also right size.


Colors on products shown online are approximate samples. Colors on real product can vary and it’s usual that products look different alive than online. That does not change green to red, but orange can look more like red etc. 
Most products shown here are more or less handmade. That means that every product is a bit different. Some products may have some signs of handmade, like small uneven surface or small air bubbles etc. on hand-laminated paddle blades for example. Any product can have small cosmetic mistakes and as far those are normal to manufacturing and handling process and does not make any difference to use of products, those are not warranty issues. 
Clear manufacturing or material mistakes are guaranteed under warranty by manufacturer and based on laws and regulations in country of selling company.


If You have any questions on Your orders, please contact selling company. That contact information will be found on invoice You received on Your order. 
paddlesportpassion.com cannot follow or comment on Your orders or delivery. Those are forwarded to selling company automatically. 
Delivery time will vary depending on product, area and delivery method. If You choose ”pick up from local partner” method You will save some nice money on freight but delivery will take a bit longer, typically 2-3 three weeks during summer season. Might be less or more. If You choose ”direct delivery” it will be some more expensive but also faster. Typical delivery time is 3-10 days. Can be more or less. Delivery time is calculated without weekends from day payment was received.